Sunday, November 11, 2012

Little Drummer Boy

Leif rocking it out.

This is Leif.  I met his mom about 12 years ago when we were both in college to be photographers/art teachers.  We were great friends back then and photo lab assistants which meant we had keys to the darkroom so we would work on  assignments until very late at night, sometimes all night.  We printed, collaborated, procrastinated and just had a lot of fun.  After graduating, she moved to Northern Michigan and I moved to Philadelphia.  We lost touch for many years but as luck would have it we reconnected shortly before I moved to Northern Michigan.  Now she has a beautiful family and I was very pleased to photograph her pride and joy today.  Leif is sweet, smart, funny and has his Mama's crazy personality.  Both mom and dad are very talented musicians and play as a duo called The Hand Me Downs.  So of course he inherited their passion for music, but his is for dancing, singing and playing the drums.  He has his own drum set but would rather play it indoors instead of outside.  Today he just wanted to run around and throw rocks so dad played the drums instead.