Thursday, February 22, 2007

I've been published!! I often work as a second shooter with other photographers on the weekends that I'm not already booked with my own event. Last summer I had the privilege of working with Monika Bros at a great wedding at the Cherry Valley Country Club in Princeton, NJ that is now featured in New Jersey Bride magazine! Can you guess which image in the spread is mine?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I found these quotes today on I think they both describe me pretty well.

It's no good saying "hold it" to a moment in real life.-Lord Snowdon

(btw who the heck is Lord Snowdon???)

I dislike landscapes. I only like people, and plastic flowers. -Elliott Erwitt

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Last November my friend and favorite videographer Tim Sudall from Video One Productions called me up at the last minute (as he always does, love ya Tim!) and said he needed a photographer to help him out in NYC with a shoot for (otherwise known as Modern Bride, brides, and elegant bride). along with Rockefeller center is doing an “engagements on ice” promotion (btw guys, this is practically foolproof!) and Tim asked me to take stills of the process for his video association, WEVA. You can see the first engagement that Tim shot here. The footage is also available on It’s so cute! If you feel like it you can watch all of the engagements and vote for your favorite. I think the winner gets a honeymoon in St. Lucia or something fantastic like that. By the way, if you’re looking for a videographer Tim is second to none. His work is the most artistic and emotional that I have ever seen. Plus we’ve worked together about a million (ok not that many) times and he’s fantastic. He’s very unobtrusive and so nice! I’ve worked with a lot of videographers and I can honestly say Tim and his crew are the best. (End of shameless plug for Tim).

Theresa Dimasi, Editor in Chief of

Theresa making sure everything looks a-ok!

Theresa on the zamboni


Theresa again

Tim hard at work!


I was at the Cescaphe ballroom in Northern Liberties the other day and I had to go outside to look for something in the car when I realized we were right next door to the new bowling alley, North Bowl. I decided to go back on Sunday and check it out. I love this place! I haven’t been bowling in years so I was happily surprised at how far the scoring technology has come. The screen above tells you what direction you should roll your ball in (not that I have any control over it anyway!) and how fast it was going. I ended up bowling around a 150, but that was only because we had the bumpers up for the kids. (yeah right, for the kids) They have nice shoes too. They also have pretty good mini burgers and tater tots. Their tots rock. There were a lot of attractive people in that place. Definitely not your typical bowling alley crowd! Seriously, you should go.

Death Cab for Cutie. I know this band has been around for a while. Even so I still feel the need to mention them here, because I think they're brilliant and everyone needs to hear this stuff. Go here and you can listen to a song called "I will follow you into the dark". I love this song! If you click on "media" you can hear some other great songs too. I also am digging "title and registration".

Please feel free to leave a comment or send an email about who you think I really need to hear. I like Indie rock but I'm pretty much open to anything. PLEASE! I need some new music!