Thursday, February 01, 2007

I was at the Cescaphe ballroom in Northern Liberties the other day and I had to go outside to look for something in the car when I realized we were right next door to the new bowling alley, North Bowl. I decided to go back on Sunday and check it out. I love this place! I haven’t been bowling in years so I was happily surprised at how far the scoring technology has come. The screen above tells you what direction you should roll your ball in (not that I have any control over it anyway!) and how fast it was going. I ended up bowling around a 150, but that was only because we had the bumpers up for the kids. (yeah right, for the kids) They have nice shoes too. They also have pretty good mini burgers and tater tots. Their tots rock. There were a lot of attractive people in that place. Definitely not your typical bowling alley crowd! Seriously, you should go.

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