Monday, January 21, 2008

many of you might have heard of "trash the dress" shoots. a trash the dress shoot is simply a bride who wants creative and artistic images in her wedding dress without worrying about ruining it on her wedding day. it doesn't mean we're going to literally "trash" the dress. it just means that we can do things we wouldn't normally do without stressing out about getting it dirty. most of the time the dress is completely fine after the shoot. i say most of the time because it really depends on the bride and what she has in mind. the latest trend is jumping into the ocean or another body of water. it makes for some truly amazing images. this is a sample of one that i did last summer around the boardwalk in atlantic city. rachel was amazing and so beautiful. i'll be posting more in the near future but these are a couple of my favorites.


Ruth H. said...

The second one is amazing! I love the lighting on her face and how it shows off her dress!


Andree Kehn said...

These images of the "trash the dress" session are so beautiful! I love the treatemnts to the images! Very nicely done!

Sandra Lemin said...

Love the lighting on this one! Great image!