Wednesday, May 16, 2007

the first time i saw this painting in real life i was frozen for a few moments. if you look around the room you'll see what Ruben's contemporaries were doing in this same period. he blows them away with his technical abilities. you don't get the impact of a piece of artwork until you see it in it's original state, up close and personal. this remains one of my favorites at the philly art museum. besides i can totally relate to Prometheus

i love this painting. i don't remember who it's by (Manet?) , but when i stood in front of it and looked for a few minutes i felt like i was standing inside of it.

rocky statue!


jeff said...

Hey Stacie. I am glad I stumbled on your blog. Great stuff. Really.
We all need a day or two at the art museum. I am also a huge Rubens fan. I lost your card. I'd still love to get together some time.

lech said...

hey jeff!! thanks for stopping by! let's get together for sure. my email and number is on my website.


Sheryleigh said...

Hi Stacie, I think the little things in life give so much pleasure, your images from your day at the museum are great. Love your work:)

lech said...

hi sheryleigh!

i whole-heartedly agree! thanks for the compliment, glad you enjoyed the stuff!!