Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm not sure if other business people are like this, but I have a difficult time deciding on colors and ideas for my logo and website.  I want to use all kinds of things and it's tough to narrow it down.  It's time for an update, my current site is more than 2 years old.  So the other day I was trying to come up with ideas and while I was driving around I saw a scene similar to the one above.  When you drive around mid Michigan this is a common winter scene, white farm fields and gray skies for miles and miles.  I really love the simplicity and calmness I feel when I look at this design.  I'm not sure if it's final, but for now I'm using it for some business cards.  The great thing about it is I can change the tree whenever I feel like it.  I can use just about anything.  I already have some ideas for spring.  Let me know what you think.  Leave a comment or find me on facebook.  And happy winter.

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