Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hannah, the hero!

Julia with Mr. fuzzy

Cutest tummy ever!

One day not long ago while making our way through the McDonald's drive thru a small orange fur ball ran past the car. The next thing I knew my daughter was out like a flash and we were chasing a tiny and very sickly looking kitten. We took him home and with advice from our vet we managed to clean him up and nurse him back to health. Now he might be adopted by a nice family in NYC, but they would like to see some photos so I've decided to post them here. If you're looking for a great vet and live in the Abington, Willow Grove area I highly recommend Dr. Duke Descant at House Calls Mobile Vet Services at (215) 822-2364. He comes right to your home and has an amazing way with animals. He even did surgery on my cat (not this cat) right in my living room once! It was totally amazing.

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