Sunday, March 11, 2007

i love this shot of hannah. she didn't want her picture taken that morning so i just shot her from behind.

here is another one where she is trying to hide.

this is cora our kitty. or sometimes we call her cocoa. she's a nice kitty.

this is mr. phillip with julia in the background. she can handle him pretty well, but he is the king of our pad! he's also a nice kitty, but he's the boss and he let's everyone know!

this was a nice silhouette of julia. every morning the sun does this to our wall. i also want to do a series of silhouettes and make a slideshow. i already have the song picked out! this one is going to be a lot of fun.

I know I know. I'm a wedding photographer so I should be posting my wedding stuff here, but lately I've just been having a lot of fun with the personal stuff. Plus it's been a little slow in the wedding dept. Not many people get married in Jan. and Feb. I did do a wedding yesterday with Cliff Mautner in Ocean City, NJ. That was totally fun because we ended up talking the bride into going out on the beach in her bare feet to get some amazing reflection shots. She was such a trooper because it was freezing! But I know she's going to be very happy that she did it. I can't post any of Cliff's work on my own blog of course, but take my word for it they are going to rock.

So a while back I tried to do a "day in the life" of my family. I started out with a lot of momentum, but by about 3 o'clock I got busy with the daily life stuff and never finished it. I am going to do it again someday, but I've decided to post a few of my favs from the failed attempt. By the way this is going to be something I'll be offering to my portrait clients. I'll come to your home before the kids wake up and pretty much shoot your family until bed time. Then we'll make an awesome album. I think this is something every family should have done at least once. More info will be posted when I get my portrait site up or if you'd like to discuss it now just drop me a line or give me a call.

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